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Independence Label Productions

We specialize in songwriting,  music production, and artist development, bringing many aspects into the creative layering process. Our studio space gives the artist incredible insight into their own music. We specialize in the following genres: Country, Pop, and Rock.

Our objective is to assist you in creating your musical vision.

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Stokoff is a German-born, Colombian-raised, Spanish speaking country singer/songwriter based in Miami, Fl . His interest in music began while growing in South America, where he spent many years trying on different lives for size only to discover that he was meant to defy the contentions of music. When Stokoff ( first name Octavio) discovered country music, the rest was put aside. He found the music that helped him relate to his roots and his culture, it helped him feel real love.

What Stokoff represents now, in America, is the unlikely hero who is following his dreams by being passionately unabashedly himself.

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